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KING Products + Solutions offers a variety of kiosk hardware and enclosure solutions with a variety of options to suit every need. Our award-winning Plynth freestanding kiosk design is often copied, but never duplicated. ADA-compliant low or zero profile wall mounted designs and desktop kiosk terminals are available. Our dual screen solutions display advertising, even while the kiosk is in use. All of our enclosures are ruggedized to withstand unattended public use, and feature a common, field-replaceable computer module for easy maintenance and reduced downtime. Credit card and smart card readers, bar-code scanners, printers, telephone handsets and room key writers are just some of the options available. KING's full engineering team is also available to create custom kiosk designs.

KINGNET Kiosk Software

KINGNET is a sophisticated suite of client and server software technologies that provide a complete, flexible, open, secure platform for any interactive kiosk application. Core services include web-browsing, email, SMS, video and voice messaging and full telephony features. With solutions for centralized management and monitoring, payment processing, automated tax calculation, video conferencing, personalization and loyalty management, KINGnet is the most comprehensive software solution available on the market.


KING Products + Solutions offers a veriety of services including Custom Products, Training, Support and Downloads. At KING, we truly understand our customer needs. We offer reliable, knowledgeable and approachable customer service ensuring our customer reaches a perfect solution to their kiosk businesses. Our customers know that they can depend on KING to help their kiosk business grow beyond their expectations.


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KING's my-KIOSKS solution is the first total kiosk solution that combines a no-software, no-server approach to kiosk application creation, customization, integration and management. You only need a KING Kiosk and a browser to gain instant access.

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